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recycled aluminium has a name: X-ECO

Following years of intensive research and gradual development, alloys made from recycled aluminium have now become a fact: X-ECO. The name translates at once as an important property of the product: equivalence. That is because the properties of our recycled aluminium alloys are equivalent to those of primary aluminium.

Our planet is straining under the burden caused by CO2 emissions, the mass consumption of energy and raw materials, their wastage and the pollution they create. E-MAX wants to make its contribution towards calling a halt to this downward spiral. By remelting aluminium and turning it into new alloys, we are preventing further expansion of the waste mountain. Moreover, we are vastly reducing CO2 emissions. Read more about this here.

There are various arguments to favour the use of X-ECO alloys:

  • Compliance with European standards:
    X-ECO alloys' properties comply with the following European standards: EN-486, EN-515, EN-573, EN-602, EN-755 and EN-15088.
  • High-grade quality:
    Recycled aluminium is equal in quality to primary aluminium. There is no question of any loss of quality when recycling pre-existing aluminium.
  • Maximum use of recycled aluminium:
    Between 86% and 97% of the base material is reused when recycling aluminium.
  • Lower emissions and energy consumption:
    When recycling aluminium, 60 to 80% less CO2 is released than in the exploitation of primary aluminium. Moreover, the remelting of aluminium requires only 5% of the energy needed for the exploitation of primary aluminium.
  • Far-reaching recycling options:
    E-MAX is able to recycle scrap aluminium in a wide range of forms.
  • Local production:
    The favourable location of our business units, E-MAX BILLETS and E-MAX PROFILES, provides many advantages relating to processing and the transport of scrap and new billets. This also translates into reducing the impact on the environment and lower transport costs.

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